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What To Expect From Your Food Photographer

Greenville, South Carolina Food Photography

Food photography captured in Home in Greenville, SC

What To Expect From Your Food Photographer

Today I want to tell you all about what to expect from your food photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. Not only are you in for a bubbly experience from your favorite quirky branding photographer in South Carolina, but you're also going to receive beautiful images that are fit for print in your favorite magazine. I can't wait to begin this experience with you! Ready to learn more about it?

what to expect from your food photographer in Greenville, SC
What to expect from your food photographer in Greenville, SC featuring fine dining dishes served with wine

Chef prepping meals in Greenville, SC food photography

The Food Photographer Consultation

However we get in touch, we begin our journey together with a phone consultation and discuss your visions! You know your brand best and you know the images you want to have captured. Let's chat about it! After we discuss your ideas and you feel that this experience is for you, we will discuss the packages I offer, we will sign a contract together, book your date, and you pay your retainer!

cocktail photography in Greenville, SC

And don't worry, we are sure to keep in touch up until your booked session date to discuss the best tools we will need to complete our culinary project!

Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC

Restaurant Photography in Greenville, SC

Restaurant photography in Greenville, SC featuring Chef's posing side by side

food menu photography in Greenville, SC

Your Booked Session Location

On the date of your booked session, you can expect VannahCo, your food photographer to arrive a couple minutes early to your chosen location. Depending on what kind of food and beverage business you run, that could mean I'm meeting you at your home, your food truck, or your restaurant! Often times, restaurants can expect their food photography to have their location be the setting of their images, but if I'm arriving to your home, you can expect me have the lighting gear, the backdrops, and all equipment necessary to complete our collaboration!

Spartanburg, SC food photography featuring chef cooking and final plating

in action food photography in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC vegan food photography

nutrition food photography in Greenville, SC

The Breakdown Of Your Food Photography Session Day

Now that we've arrived on location, it's time to have all the fun! You can expect this food photographer in Greenville, SC to make sure your experience from beginning to end is a memorable one! Here's the breakdown:

  1. VannahCo arrives about 15 minutes early to your session to load in all the gear and check out best locations to photograph your food!

  2. After the light gear is set up and the cameras are ready, we begin to capture all your food. Not only am I going to capture your food as a whole, but we're going to play and add in hands, take cuts out the food, and make sure your food is styled to perfection so the photograph looks like it came straight from a magazine!

  3. We're going to take your headshots! Why capture the food without capturing the amazing creator of these dishes and desserts? Along with standard headshots, we're going to capture you in action, doing what you do best!

  4. If you're a restaurant, we're definitely capturing the entire space so your customers know the vibes they are about to step into!

  5. We capture many food items from your menu all together and make sure we've nailed all the shot requests!

  6. I begin to edit, sending you previews within a week's turnaround time and your final digital gallery within 3 to 4 weeks of your session date!

Food photography in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC food photography featuring pie flat lays

Food photography in Greenville, SC featuring cookies on wood plate

Headshots of baker in Greenville, SC for food photographer

What To Expect From Your Food Photographer

From start to finish, my goal as your food photographer is to make this process so easy and fun for you! Telling the story of the food and beverage experience you offer to the world is what I love doing! It's why I'm in this business in the first place. So now that you know what to expect from your food photographer, I expect we should be friends and talk about your visions!! Cheers, friends!


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