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Props In Your Branding Photography

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Having branding photos captured for your east coast business is all about telling your unique story. Through these branding photos, you’re showing your ideal client how your services will best meet their needs above the rest! Friend, let me tell you a good way to set the bar- Gathering props for your branding photoshoot will allow your personality to pop and to capture the attention of your target viewers. Props in your branding photography can include items that showcase your charm, things you use in your business and daily life, or things you want to use in your business someday in the future. Ready to see a few ways to use props and how to make them work for you?

Why Do Props Work?

Besides adding a little extra something to your South Carolina branding photos, people use props to feel comfortable in front of a camera. Many people who aren’t used to being photographed will ask “what do I do with my hands?” Holding and interacting with a prop helps some of the insecurity to disappear!

Props in your branding photography also help you tell your business's story and allow your audience a sneak peek into what you do daily. If you’re a baker, viewing your signature pastries is important to your customers. If you’re an artist, seeing what instruments you use for your pieces helps you stand out.

Grab props that make sense to you and that you're drawn to. Trust me, you don’t need multiple pictures of you drinking coffee next to your laptop. Let’s get a little more creative!

Which Props Should I Use?

Let’s break down props into a couple categories!

  • What you use every day: If you’re a writer, you use your computer, pen and paper, notebooks, etc. If you’re a fitness instructor, you use a yoga mat, dumbbells, and bands.

  • Show off your personality: What are some things that make you happy? Bring some balloons in your favorite color, your favorite flowers, or a letter board with your favorite quote! Even wear that favorite outfit of yours! This includes what you also may do in your free time, like having your favorite book as a prop, your favorite snack, your favorite house plant even.

  • What you sell: If you sell a product, bring the items used to create it. If you’re a baker, bring your ingredients and finished products, if you make soaps and other bath items, bring all your favorite parts of the creative process!

There are multiple ways to use props to your advantage, and I can walk you through others as well. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new to make your business stand out!

Props In Your Branding Photography

Being a South Carolina branding photographer, I know first hand how adding props to your photos truly tell an accurate story of who you are as a human and business owner. So why not juj up your photos by adding props in your branding photography? Now with that being said, are you ready for a really rad photographer on the east coast to tell your brand's story?


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