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Murrells Inlet, South Carolina Restaurant Photography

Neptune Bistro

Say hello to the views of Neptune Bistro and Raw Bar in Murrells Inlet. What used to be Mojo’s Marina Bar and Grill recently relaunched as Neptune Bistro and Raw Bar. Now an elevated addition to Murrells Inlet serving small plates and luxury cocktails, this restaurant wouldn’t be complete without fresh photography to help sell their menu. Shall we walk through all the lovely details about this dining experience with their Murrells Inlet, South Carolina restaurant photography?

The Menu On The Marshwalk

Innovative is a word that doesn’t leave my mind when seeing these Murrells Inlet plates. Using a diffused off camera flash for this moody food photography, it helped tell the story of the experience. The Hanger Hanger steak skewer served with celery root cream, au gratin, and chimichurri was probably my favorite dish to photograph all day. Again.. innovative!

Even the raw bar itself was gorgeously displayed to order from. With the seafood caught fresh right off the coast and offering a diverse menu to choose from, this is a restaurant that is ready to serve people with an array of tastebuds.

The Cocktails

Neptune Bistro and Raw Bar even offers creative cocktail makers behind the bar. Along with cocktails like the kiwi caipirinha and a lovely espresso martini, this bar doesn’t miss. The pomegranate martini offers an interactive experience by popping the smoke filled bubble with a fresh garnish. As a restaurant photographer in Murrells Inlet, I love being able to capture beverages and food that are a step above the rest like this martini.

The Views And The People

With options to be seated indoors or outdoors, Neptune Bistro has you covered. Their interiors stay on theme with the salt water views just beyond their patio and provided the perfect natural light to capture the space.

No restaurant can serve the best without the great minds and creators behind the scenes. Neptune Bistro and Raw Bar had a completed photography project with headshots of the team members that run this establishment.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina Restaurant Photography

Thank you for viewing these images and taking time to learn about the menu items that make this restaurant unique. It was an honor to collaborate with this team and capture their Murrells Inlet, South Carolina restaurant photography. If you’re looking for the same experience, just reach out! I’d be so happy to collaborate with you and bring your visions to life.


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