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Greenville, South Carolina Product Photographer

Palmetto Hemp Supply

I'm so pumped to share with you these photos from a recent Greenville, South Carolina photoshoot! As a Greenville, South Carolina product photographer and someone who enjoys the many leisures of life, I was pleased to capture these products for this local business. Palmetto Hemp Supply is a wonderful little shop in the heart of Greenville that provides all sorts of organic hemp and CBD products for locals to enjoy. Ready to see these product photos?

The Arrival

When I arrive to Palmetto Hemp Supply, I'm immediately calmed and also excited for such a fun project. Each grouping with each product was already displayed across the counters ready for their closeups! One thing I always suggest for a smooth product photography shoots is great organization. This product photography photoshoot in Greenville, SC was about to be a piece of cake. I unpacked all my portable light gear, back drops, and camera gear to get this job rolling.

The Product Photos

With this specific product photography shoot, we avoided the e-commerce look and chose to stick with Palmetto Hemp Supply's vibe. Before I begin any photoshoot in Greenville, South Carolina, I always ask for details and any visions. The most important things I can do as a branding photographer and product photographer is make sure that your photos are authentic to what your brand is all about and your personality. Palmetto Hemp Supply loved natural colors, gemstones, plants, and all the earthy vibes with their products.

While we used portable backdrops that I brought along for this specific photoshoot in Greenville, SC, we also used the props and the shop as a setting for these product photos to align with this local company.

Greenville, South Carolina Product Photographer

Thank you for viewing these images taken for Palmetto Hemp Supply. As your Greenville, South Carolina product photographer, you're not only in for a fun and bubbly experience but you're going to receive images that truly speak to your brand and business. Ready to have your products taken? Let's be besties!


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