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Branding phootgrapher in South Carolina

Hi there! I'm Savannah. Your artist & photographer here at The Vannah Company.  I was literally born a creative. I've created in many fields including fine arts, screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, and photography, so making art and focusing on a good composition is 100% my passion!

I started my journey with photography back in 2016 after I got my associates degree in Commercial Graphics and Communications. When I first picked up a camera, I started capturing my friends in their favorite clothes and over the years after trying my hand at live music photography, wedding photography, and product and branding photography, I've learned it's hard to just love one genre of photography. Thanks to my interest in it all, I've blossomed into the product and branding photographer I am today.

From fashion branding to music promotion photography, and from food photography to classic headshots, the greatest evolution has been creating images that empower people and their stories. Every gallery I deliver should tell a story, the story of YOUR passion. And your images should sell your passion without saying a single word.

Not only do I want to create images authentic to you and your brand, I also want to laugh with you, share jokes, and give you an experience that brings you back for more timeless images! I've learned over the course of my professional years that the key to capturing amazing images is by staying true to myself (awkward and goofy, tehehe) and creating a relationship with you that turns into a friendship.


So get ready for all kinds of sound affects and jokes that aren't even funny to come out of my mouth once we are working as a team together. OH, and all of you are very invited to live as loudly as possible once you partner with The Vannah Company!

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